Professed to be different,
Gentle and kind.
Should have known,
You had lied.

It was my last chance,
To save my heart.
You promised light,
And delivered dark.

Warning bells sounded,
To my deafened ears.
I didn’t want to shed,
Any more tears.

But fall they did,
Filled with pain.
You broke my heart,
I’m back in chains.

Dooming my soul,
Why can’t you see?
Love was the hope,
For setting me free.

Pain and anger,
A warm embrace.
Taking me back,
To my darker place.

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Hurt From Afar

I didn’t want to feel,
No, not again.
Walls torn down,
With no defense.

Sad part is,
You don’t even know.
The beating of my heart,
Is what you control.

Save me! Love me!
Show me how!
See me please,
Hold me now.

All kept inside,
Screaming from within.
That way you’ll be,
At least my friend.

Pain is nothing,
Bones will mend.
But this hurt from afar,
Will never end.

But when I think,
I’m cold as ice.
You say hello,
I lose the fight.

Thoughts of you,
Keep me in check.
But also cause me,
To do things I regret.

I’m down a dark path,
Out of control.
You’re the only one,
Who can save my soul.

But chasing the rabbit,
Leads far away.
Probably too far,
For even you to save.

In this pit,
Of pain and release.
You remain my flame,
An inner peace.

Save me! Love me!
Show me how!
Take my hand,
Please pull me out.

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Morning Rush

The sky pushes away night’s blackness to allow the colors of morning to show.
Lonely runway strips sit waiting as early chilled air blows.

Rows of grey, four-engine giants slowly come to life.
One by one gaining speed to defy gravity and take flight.

Now gone, the deafening silence is broken by a distant train’s call.
Its cries devoured by the greatest predators of all.

Turbine engines roar in the distance, rolling out of the dark.
The sound resonates deep in the soul causing a beat to skip in every heart.

Sleek bodies prowl on the runway, forming perfect lines.
Beautifully aerodynamic wings impatiently tensed as the metal shines.

Engines increase power causing the solitary pulse watching to rise.
In an instantaneous movement the first shoots forward and flies high.

The others follow suit filling the morning sky with their glory.
And that’s the end of my story.

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The Fight

Hating the darkness,
Unable to find the light.
The battle was long,
Can’t continue to fight.

So the coldness settles in,
Heart no longer beats.
Happiness a Fairy Tale,
The taint running too deep.

This is your fate,
The beast has control.
No knight to save you,
Corruption has taken hold.

Giving in to numbness,
Tears no longer flow.
You embrace the pain,
Letting all else go.

But a spark of your soul,
Screams from within.
Struggling for life,
Longing to win.

The fight isn’t over.

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Trojan Horse

We’ve gone many rounds,
Playing your silly games.
Each time you’ve gone down,
In a great ball of flames.

Maybe the first time,
You were able to hurt me.
But all that pain,
Helped me to see.

You’ll cross any line,
Go to any length.
Seeing if I’ll break,
Testing my strength.

I saw this coming,
But it’s a new low.
You should’ve walked away,
And just let it go.

Did you really think,
A new innocent face.
Would throw me off guard,
And be your winning ace.

He still speaks your words,
Telling the same lies.
I see right through him,
To where you hide.

So come out and face me.
I’m ready to throw down.
Stand up and be a man,
Not an immature clown.

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Getting stronger,
Will take some pain.
Fighting the odds,
Feeling the strain.

Heartache and conflict,
Will come your way.
Tough it out,
Never sway.

Stand up tall,
Head held high.
Brave the storm,
Reach for the sky.

Hold your ground,
And they can’t win.
If they try,
Heads will spin.

What doesn’t kill you,
Makes you stronger.
A predator’s prey?
Not any longer!

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Such a player,
Feelings to provoke.
Thinking you’re so sly,
Boy, what a joke!

Walking around,
With head held high.
Expecting all women,
To watch and sigh.

If you only knew,
How much you fail.
Playing your games,
To no avail.

Your colors are shallow,
Intensions transparent.
Lies and arrogance,
Shortcomings inherent.

So walk away,
Just keep going.
And by the way,
Your ignorance is showing.

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